Beyond Race and Ethnicity: Inclusiveness Committee, Definitions of Inclusiveness, and Costs of Not Being Inclusive

Inclusiveness Committee

If your organization plans an inclusiveness initiative that focuses on categories beyond race and ethnicity, then you should strive to have an Inclusiveness Committee with people representing those backgrounds, (e.g., people with disabilities, gay/lesbian/bisexual transgender (GLBT) people, people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, etc.).


Definition of Inclusiveness

Organizations that are taking a broad approach should consider other historically marginalized groups when creating their definitions. Think about how your definitions incorporate members of those communities that you have included in your initiative. For example, an early childhood education organization might ask itself what inclusiveness means to the organization in terms of gender.  Or, an organization that provides services to low-income people might reflect on what inclusiveness means to its work in regards to class.


Costs of Not Being Inclusive

Organizations that have a focus beyond race and ethnicity should consider the costs of not being inclusive of other diverse groups.  For example, an organization might evaluate how a lack of accessibility at their offices might affect the disabled community's ability to serve as volunteers. Or an organization might consider whether being open for services only during weekday business hours will affect the ability of lower income clients with little job flexibility to access their services. Another organization might consider the effect that its policy to provide health care benefits only to married couples has on its ability to recruit and retain staff members from the GLBT community.


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