Beyond Race and Ethnicity: Training and Consultants


You should consider how you can involve your chosen focus areas in cultural competency or diversity training. Many inclusiveness or diversity trainers can include in their trainings different areas of prejudice beyond those related to race and ethnicity. For example, an organization that chooses the "Intercultural/ Valuing Differences" approach and is including disability in its initiative may wish to focus some training sessions on ways that stereotypes about people with mental and physical disabilities affect the organization's work. An organization that chooses the "Anti-Racism" approach and is including gender in its initiative can incorporate sexism and the women's movement into training sessions.


When identifying the qualities and qualifications you need in a consultant, think about the expertise or experiences related to other diverse groups that are important for your consultant to have. For example, an organization that is interested in reaching out to the GLBT community may want a consultant (or group of consultants) to have past experience working with that community and/or connections with GLBT community leaders.


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