Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Celebrate the many accomplishments that you have made along the way to becoming more inclusive.

  • You completed a pre-test that affirmed that you were ready to engage in an inclusiveness initiative.
  • You developed an Inclusiveness Committee that has set the foundation for becoming more inclusive.
  • You developed an inclusiveness training plan to build awareness and understanding of issues of race and ethnicity.
  • You may have hired a consultant to help you.
  • You developed a definition for inclusiveness and diversity and a case statement for inclusiveness.
  • You designed and completed comprehensive information gathering about your community, your field, and your organization.
  • You developed and filled in a framework for your inclusiveness blueprint.
  • You engaged your stakeholders.
  • You developed a plan to keep the organization engaged in inclusiveness efforts over the long-term.
  • And ... as a result of all of these efforts, you have undoubtedly begun to transform the organization's culture and commitment to inclusiveness!

Even before implementing the blueprint, you've achieved so much. Before you begin the next stage of your journey, remind people of how much your organization has accomplished to get where you are. Find an appropriate way to celebrate everyone's work and the organization's willingness to engage in becoming more inclusive of communities of color.


To be free you must afford freedom to your neighbor, regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin, and that sometimes, for some, is very difficult.     
     Helen Gahagan Douglas