Consultant Hiring Process

Who Is Responsible for Hiring a Consultant?

Usually the responsibility for managing the hiring process lies with the Inclusiveness Committee and/or committee chairperson. This person (or these persons) will be responsible for:

  • Creating and distributing a Request for Proposals to eligible consultants.
  • Interviewing consultants.
  • Selecting a final candidate.

The people who are responsible for managing the hiring process may or may not be the same as those who are responsible for the final selection of the consultant. Since there may be a lot of opinions about the consultant's work as the initiative progresses, you may find it beneficial to have a larger group make the final decision about who will be hired.

Those responsible for hiring often take the lead in creating a contract with the consultant, managing payments, and, most importantly, communicating with and managing the consultant throughout the working relationship.

Developing a Request for Proposals (RFP)

A Request for Proposals (RFP) should include information about the qualities and skills your selected consultant will possess, the work you would like your consultant to perform, your budget, and your timeline.

Review and complete Elements of a Request for Proposal.

Identifying Consultant Prospects and Interviewing Candidates

Checking References, Selecting Consultant, and Creating a Contract

Monitoring Your Work with Your Consultant


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