Costs of Not Being Inclusive

This worksheet was created by The Denver Foundation's Inclusiveness Project ( to support organizations doing inclusiveness work.

Users are encouraged to customize the worksheet (both content and formatting) to meet the needs of their respective organizations. A Word version is attached. A Writable PDF version is also attached.


  • Consider your mission statement and your organization's ultimate purpose. How might your ability to accomplish your mission be compromised by not becoming more inclusive, if at all?
  • Think about your programs and the people who benefit from them. What opportunities might be missed if your organization does not address issues of inclusiveness? (Consider things such as whether or not diverse communities would be comfortable accessing your services, whether or not your staff would be aware of cultural differences, and whether there might be a loss of fee-for-service income from people who might access services.)
  • Give some thought to your fundraising, marketing, and communications strategies. Are there any potential costs with regard to these areas if your organization neglects to address issues of inclusiveness? (Consider costs such as possible lost revenue from donors in diverse communities, potential lost foundation dollars, the ability to communicate your messages to diverse communities.)  
  • Think about how the diversity of the organization might change if the organization does not engage in inclusiveness efforts. How would the composition of the board, staff, volunteers, and donors change? 
  • Consider the internal operations of the organization. Are there any potential risks to not addressing issues of inclusiveness in terms of how the organization carries out its operational policies and procedures? (Consider legal implications, among other risks.)
  • Consider the organizational culture. Are there potential costs to the organization in terms of staff retention, productivity, and turnover if it does not engage in inclusiveness efforts?


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