EETAP: Building More Inclusive Organizations Initiative: Evaluation Report

Building More Inclusive Organizations Initiative: Evaluation Report is a report of the Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP) on a project led by Intercambios and the University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point. The following are selected excerpts. Access the full report.

"Since building relationships takes diligence, time, and commitment, each staff member (of Eco Ed) had built face-to-face meeting time into his or her schedule. It was not an add-on; it was part of accomplishing the organizational mission." (page 18)

"Traditional approaches as service providers proved ineffective because they created barriers to listening to, learning about, and making connections with the community." (page 6)

"Developing relationships and creating win-win approaches and projects with the communities were richer, more respectful, and inclusive ways to operate than their traditional approaches had been." (page 7)  

"Although it showed a strong commitment for doing a good job, the staff (of Eco Ed) realized that its research and ‘over-preparing' kept them from interacting in the community. This strategy (actually) worked against Eco Ed since many cultures value relationships over preparation and believe that there is no better teacher than first-hand experience." (page 18)

"The organizations' (learning community's) willingness to shift from being task-oriented providers to more flexible community members contributed greatly to the process. Ultimately, the organizations embraced the perspectives and practices of their community, moving toward more equitable relationships." (page 25)

"Their traditional practices ran counter to the dynamic relationships with the community. Members (of the learning community) began to understand the need to shift their role from service provider to community member." (page 40)


EETAP (Environment Education and Training Partnership) is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The partnership's Web site is Intercambios is a binational, bicultural consulting group assisting education professionals in making their program services culturally relevant through offering training, facilitation, and diversity content. The University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point offers a ten-week online course on "Making EE Relevant to Culturally Diverse Audiences (MEER)."