Get Involved: A Toolkit for Individuals of Color Connecting to the Nonprofit Sector

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The mission of the Inclusiveness Project is to engage with Metro Denver nonprofit organizations, including philanthropy, to become more inclusive of people of color.  The Inclusiveness Project accomplishes its mission by working at three levels:
  • At the sector-wide level, the Inclusiveness Project seeks to promote the value of inclusiveness and diversity through the nonprofit sector.
  • Atthe organizational level, the Inclusiveness Project seeks to give organizations the tools and support they need to build inclusiveness.
  • At the individual level, the Inclusiveness Project wishes toincrease the "pipeline" of people of color joiningnonprofits as board members, staff, volunteers, and donors.

On the individual level, the Inclusiveness Project seeks to provide information about opportunities in the nonprofit sector and support to people of color within the nonprofit sector.  The Inclusiveness Project calls this work "building the pipeline."  Get Involved provides information about the various ways people can connect with the nonprofit sector as board members, staff members, volunteers, and donors.  The Inclusiveness Project hopes this information will serve as a useful resource for individuals who want to make a difference in their communities. Please note that these are a sample of available resources, not a comprehensive list. 

What is a diverse organization?
The term diversity describes the extent to which an organization has people from diverse backgrounds and communities working as board members, staff, and/or volunteers.

What is an inclusive organization?
An inclusive organization not only has diverse individuals involved; more importantly, it is a learning-centered organization that values the perspectives and contributions of all people, and strives to incorporate the needs and viewpoints of diverse communities in the design and implementation of universal and inclusive programs. Inclusive organizations are, by definition, diverse at all levels.

What is the nonprofit sector?
The nonprofit sector is comprised of organizations designed to help improve life in the community by developing programs and strategies to help people in need, support charitable causes, and address community needs and issues. Organizations in the nonprofit sector receive money from tax-deductible contributions and rely on the work of volunteers to sustain themselves.

Note that the nonprofit sector is different from the public sector, which is a part of the economy that deals primarily with the delivery of goods and services by and for the government. Further, the nonprofit sector is also different from the private sector, which is a part of the economy comprised of businesses, corporations, banks, etc. designed to make a profit.

What is philanthropy?
Philanthropy is the act of giving money, goods, talent, time, or effort to support a charitable cause, promote goodwill, and improve the quality of life.




Finding a Job

Participating in a Leadership Program

Exploring Chambers of Commerce

Exploring Affinity Groups

Participating in a Mentoring or Internship Program

Additional Resources


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Barclay Jones

"The complex challenges facing our communities require each of us to share our gifts and assets.  As volunteers, staff members, and donors, we can dedicate time, talent, and treasure to improving the lives of others while enriching our own lives." -- Barclay Jones