How Does an Organization Work Through Each Topic?

The work of each topic will be completed by your organization's Inclusiveness Committee, a subset of the committee, or another group your organization designates. (Step 1 will guide you in creating a structure for your initiative.)

Each topic will involve reading text, attending meetings, and completing worksheets. (Note: Worksheets will open in a new browser window.) One week prior to completing a given topic's worksheets, distribute copies of the text to relevant parties for their individual review. (Note: though these materials are copyrighted, we encourage nonprofit organizations to make copies of relevant components for internal use.)

Most organizations will then hold meetings to discuss the content and complete worksheet; meeting length will vary, but no more than two hours at a time is recommended.

In general, it is best not to rush the process of an inclusiveness initiative. It takes time to do this work well and, not surprisingly, success will depend in part on how inclusive the process itself is. Moreover, people will need to have the time and space to talk about their experiences because this work can be personally challenging.

On the other hand, it is better not to take such a long time that you lose momentum. People can get frustrated if they feel that nothing concrete has materialized as a result of their work, which can result in dissatisfaction with the inclusiveness initiative. Thus, you will want to strike a balance between moving the process forward and showing accomplishments along the way, and taking enough time that people have input into the process.

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