Identifying the Roles and Qualifications of a Consultant

This worksheet was created by The Denver Foundation's Inclusiveness Project ( to support organizations doing inclusiveness work.

Users are encouraged to customize the worksheet (both content and formatting) to meet the needs of their respective organizations. A Word version is attached. A writable PDF version is also attached.


Instructions: Select the roles that you would like your consultant to play:

_____ Overall Guidance: Working with the Inclusiveness Committee throughout the inclusiveness initiative to plan and execute the initiative.

_____ Information Gathering: Designing strategies and gathering data during the information-gathering phase.

_____ Inclusiveness Training: Conducting trainings to create a more inclusive organizational culture.

_____ Evaluation: Creating an evaluation plan to measure efficacy of trainings and progress of inclusiveness initiative.

_____ Other

_____ Other

Qualities and QualificationsInstructions: Listed below are qualities and qualifications to consider when selecting a consultant. Select those that you would like your consultant to have and brainstorm additional qualities and qualifications as necessary. You may also find it useful to define these qualities for the purposes of your organization.


___Effective as a facilitator

___Knowledgeable about assessment and evaluation

___Knowledgeable about the nonprofit sector

___Experienced (You may wish to include a specific number of years in the field.)

___Knowledgeable about diverse communities (You may wish to specify communities that your organization serves, communities that you are interested in reaching out to and serving, or specific languages spoken.)

___Access to and knowledge of inclusiveness resources (You may wish to specify the types of resources of most use to your organization.)

___Organized ___ Timely ___Efficient ___Patient

___Strong communication skills

___Able to work with our time schedule

___Experienced and effective meeting facilitator

___Experienced and effective process facilitator

___Strong people skills

Will work within our budget ($_____)




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