Inclusiveness Committee Job Description



The Inclusiveness Committee at ________________________ (organization) is responsible for developing and executing ________________________'s (organization) inclusiveness initiative.

The purpose of the initiative is to create an organization that is better able to accomplish its mission by understanding and addressing the needs of people of color.

This work will be accomplished by creating an internal culture that is responsive to the needs and assets of diverse cultures and by adapting the organization's operations and programs to be more attuned to the needs and assets of communities of color.  


While it is the Inclusiveness Committee's responsibility to develop the initiative, everyone who is a part of ________________________ (organization) will have roles to play. 

The responsibilities of the committee are to: 

Develop a shared vision of how ________________________ (organization) will look and operate after it has undergone an inclusiveness initiative.

Develop a process for creating a case for inclusiveness within the organization and set goals related to inclusiveness for the organization to achieve.  

Oversee the development of an assessment to evaluate ________________________'s (organization) effectiveness in relation to communities of color in the following areas: mission, vision, and values; organizational culture; board of directors; personnel; volunteers; programs and constituents; marketing and community relationships; and fundraising and membership.

Hire and manage consultants, if needed.

Develop an inclusiveness blueprint for the organization that will outline steps to become more inclusive, based on information collected in the assessments.  

Develop mechanisms to include all members of ________________________ (organization) in the inclusiveness work and to communicate regularly with the organization's staff, board members, and key volunteers.

Serve as ambassadors for the inclusiveness initiative.

Develop accountability measures to ensure that ________________________ (organization) follows through on the agreed-upon recommendations in the blueprint.

Evaluate progress.

Create meaningful opportunities to celebrate ________________________'s (organization) successes in relation to the inclusiveness initiative. 

Create mechanisms to ensure that inclusiveness is incorporated into ________________________'s (organization) work over the long-term.  


The Inclusiveness Committee Chairperson will lead the Inclusiveness Committee. 

_____________________________________ (Chairperson)

The Inclusiveness Committee will be comprised of: approximately ____ members including approximately ___ staff members, ___ board members, and ___ key volunteers (only if appropriate to your organization)

The Inclusiveness Committee will meet approximately one to three times a month until the inclusiveness blueprint is completed.

Committee members are asked to attend a minimum of 80 percent of the meetings, and more if possible, and to serve on the committee for a minimum of six months.  

The work of staff who are Inclusiveness Committee members will be considered an official component of each employee's job responsibilities and will be taken into consideration during annual performance reviews. 



This worksheet was created by The Denver Foundation's Inclusiveness Project ( to support organizations doing inclusiveness work.

Users are encouraged to customize the worksheet (both content and formatting) to meet the needs of their respective organizations.

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