Is an Inclusiveness Initiative Appropriate for All Organizations?

The materials on this website are primarily designed for organizations historically governed by a predominantly white Board of Directors and run by a predominantly white staff. Some people refer to such organizations as dominant culture organizations.

Organizations that are predominantly governed and run by people of color may also need to address issues of inclusiveness related to race and ethnicity; however, the research that has been conducted by The Denver Foundation and other resources consulted for the Inclusiveness at Work workbook generally do not address issues of race and ethnicity within organizations that are rooted in communities of color.

Dynamics within different communities of color and between different communities of color can have complex nuances; thus, more research and tools are needed to address race-related issues in organizations with staffs and boards that are predominantly of color.

The materials on this website are also designed primarily for organizations that are relatively new to a more intense inclusiveness initiative that will expand inclusiveness in their organization. However, organizations that have already invested significant time and energy in becoming more inclusive and who have been successful in doing so will likely find many components useful.

To help you determine whether or not an initiative is a good fit for your organization right now, we have designed a pre-test/assessment. You will be directed to take the pre-test/assessment at the end of this Introduction. If you are not quite ready to engage in a full inclusiveness initiative at this time, the pre-test/assessment will provide you with suggestions of other steps you can take.