Inclusiveness Project Efforts at the Organizational Level

At the organizational level, Inclusiveness Project efforts include:

The foundation of the Inclusiveness Project’s organizational work is helping organizations to assess and develop their inclusiveness through the use of an Inclusiveness Initiative. A six-step process, involves creating an inclusiveness committee, engaging in training, defining inclusiveness and creating the case for inclusiveness for the organization, completing and analyzing information gathered, completing an inclusiveness blueprint, and implementing the blueprint.

In 2007 and 2010, two cohorts of organizations were selected in a competitive manner from among the grantees of The Denver Foundation’s Community Grants Program to develop inclusiveness initiatives for their respective organizations as part of an intentional learning community over the course of two years.

The foundation recognized the key role that consultants play in the development of organizational inclusiveness and developed a consultants’ consortium, offering training in the six-step inclusiveness initiative process while building a community of consultants who can share best practices on how to build inclusiveness.


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