Involving the Whole Organization through Effective Communications

One of the most important roles of the Inclusiveness Committee is to ensure that opportunities exist for everyone in the organization to be involved in the inclusiveness initiative in some fashion. It is critical that the committee get input from, and communicate regularly with, the other members of your organization.

Here are ways that the committee can ensure that others are involved:

Identify those people who need to hear about the progress of the initiative and whose input is valuable, but who are not on the Inclusiveness Committee, such as:

  • All other staff members
  • All other board members
  • Key volunteers
  • Key constituents
  • Funders, both institutional and individual

Meet with the whole staff and board at the onset of the initiative, at different meetings or together, to explain the purpose of the initiative and to give them an opportunity to talk about their enthusiasm and their concerns. Record these comments and respond to them in a timely manner. Further explain the case for inclusiveness at your organization.

Solicit feedback early in the initiative from the staff and board about their beliefs regarding the highest priority areas for creating a more inclusive organization. This can be done with a survey, in meetings, and/or in individual interviews. Since there will be ample opportunity for more-detailed feedback during the information-gathering phase, it is not necessary to go into depth early in the process.

Outline the process of the initiative and recognize early and often the progress that has been made.

Set up regular communications methods and schedules to keep people abreast of the progress: email, written memoranda, or other methods that work best for your organization. Consider developing an inclusiveness newsletter to serve this purpose.

Encourage people to approach individuals on the Inclusiveness Committee to discuss questions, ideas, or concerns they may have regarding the initiative. Be responsive to their concerns and address each one seriously.

Prepare everyone in the organization to be involved in gathering information during the information-gathering phase.

Let everyone in the organization know that they will be involved in implementing changes recommended in the inclusiveness blueprint.

Prepare everyone in the organization for eventual participation in diversity or inclusiveness training.

Plan for regular celebrations of success with the whole organization.

Complete Creating Effective Communications.


In our concern for others, we worry less about ourselves.
     His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama