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Inclusiveness advances your organization's MISSION.

Inclusive organizations have a better grasp of:

  • How to best connect with and serve diverse groups of constituents;
  • How to motivate a wider range of people to take action to achieve their mission; and
  • How to encourage people from all backgrounds to consider supporting your cause.


We're more able to accomplish our mission when we're working with communities of color and addressing equity issues.

     Community Resource Center, Denver

Our mission is to provide programs with social relevance. You can't do social relevance without addressing inclusiveness.

     Curious Theatre, Denver


Supporting Data

  • Research conducted for The Denver Foundation by OMNI Institute, shows that inclusiveness is a strategic tool for increasing programmatic effectiveness and community collaboration. Click here to access the report.
  • OMNI Research also found that nonprofit organizations engaged in an inclusiveness initiative report that they now provide more effective client services. Some even report increased success in the areas of public relations and board governance. These are all critical components of advancing an organizational mission.