Review Stories, Lessons Learned, and Best Practices


This door provides access to the stories, lessons learned, and best practices gathered from organizations who are currently doing inclusiveness work.

The experiences of other organizations can be extremely valuable, especially when your organization is taking on work in an entirely new arena such as inclusiveness. The Denver Foundation has compiled a collection of such experiences.


10 Years 10 Stories

In 2011, The Denver Foundation celebrated ten years of work on inclusiveness, which has included providing tools to help nonprofits broach conversations about race, ethnicity, and inclusiveness in their organizations. Click here to view YouTube videos that tell some of those stories.

Stories from the Journey

The Denver Foundation awarded a limited number of grants to Denver area nonprofit organizations in 2005 to support their work on inclusiveness. The experiences of these organizations are documented in Stories from the Journey. You can also learn more about Denver Foundation grantees by reading the Executive Summary of the Final Evaluation Report.

Innovations from Organizations Doing Inclusiveness Work



Testimonials from participants in inclusiveness efforts within nonprofit organizations will inspire and support your organization's efforts.

Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations is the title of a strategy developed by the Community Resource Center (CRC) in Denver for the purposes of  discussing substantive issues about inclusiveness.  At the 2009 Inclusiveness Conference (sponsored by CRC and The Denver Foundation),  participants were given a copy of the "agreements" that participants make when they participate in Courageous Conversations. You can also read two examples of how organizations (cityWild and Colorado Women's Aenda) are using courageous conversations. Visit Related Links and search under "Courageous Conversations" for more on this topic. View YouTube video of Carla Mestas speaking on community dialogues.

 Inside Inclusiveness: Race, Ethnicity, and Nonprofit Organizations
Inclusiveness at Work: How to Build Inclusive Nonprofit Organizations
Inclusiveness at Work: How to Build Inclusive Nonprofit Organizations includes a fictional case study of an organization doing inclusiveness work. This narrative is provided for illustrative purposes only. Topics include: forming an inclusiveness committee, engaging in inclusiveness training, hiring inclusiveness consultants, creating a case for inclusiveness, gathering and analyzing information, completing and implementing an inclusiveness blueprint, developing a more diverse and inclusive board of directors, recruiting and retaining a diverse base of volunteers and helpers, and building inclusive funding and membership strategies.

Inclusiveness at Work: How to Build Inclusive Nonprofit Organizations includes 218 pages of narrative, 220 pages of worksheets, and 35 pages of appendices.