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Welcome to nonprofitinclusiveness.org, the website of The Inclusiveness Project, a program of The Denver Foundation.

The mission of the Inclusiveness Project is to engage with Metro Denver nonprofit organizations, including funders, to become more inclusive of people of color.  The Inclusiveness Project accomplishes its mission by working at three levels:
  • At the sector-wide level, the Inclusiveness Project seeks to promote the value of inclusiveness and diversity through the nonprofit sector.
  • Atthe organizational level, the Inclusiveness Project seeks to give organizations the tools and support they need to build inclusiveness.
  • At the individual level, the Inclusiveness Project wishes toincrease the "pipeline" of people of color joining nonprofits as board members, staff, volunteers, and donors.


The Inclusiveness Project builds more inclusive nonprofit organizations, increases the number of people of color involved in the nonprofit sector, and spreads the word about the benefits and importance of nonprofits becoming more inclusive.


In response to the great success of the Inclusiveness Project, participant organizations have elected to continue the conversation online via Facebook and Twitter. Please find us, like us, and follow us for engaging discussion and news about our growing community!




You can: 

  • Post a guest commentary.
  • Share your favorite inclusiveness and equity blog/blogger.
  • Contributed interesting articles.
  • Share your opinion. 

Please note - The Denver Foundation's Community Grants has new guidelines for 2013.  Click here to read more.


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