Get Involved: Giving


Chances are you are already a donor - The Denver Foundation's 2005 Giving and Volunteering Study found that more than ninety percent of households give to charity.  A donor is someone who gives money to charities on a consistent basis.  Donors support philanthropy in many ways, including writing checks to nonprofits or tithing at churches on Sunday.  Whether it's $5, $500, or $5,000, you are promoting philanthropy and making our communities better through your charitable donations. 

Donors provide critical support to the nonprofit sector.  Charitable donations help nonprofits do their work in improving life in the Metro Denver community.  Contact a local nonprofit to find out how you can support their efforts. 


  • The Denver Foundation helps generous people like you build charitable legacies that make a difference today and in the future. As Colorado's oldest and largest community foundation, The Denver Foundation provides the expertise and leadership to help people give back to Metro Denver in ways that are meaningful -- to them and to the community. Established in 1925, The Denver Foundation is dedicated to improving life in Metro Denver through philanthropy, leadership, and strengthening the community. For more information, please contact The Denver Foundation at 303.300.1790, or visit their website at
  • Community Shares provides funding, raises awareness, and manages resources for their 122 member nonprofit organizations working on providing local solutions in Colorado communities. They help to connect individuals to the charities and causes they care about most and strive to increase overall philanthropy in Colorado. Through their annual Community Giving Campaign, they raise funds from the community to benefit the nonprofit sector. For more information, please contact Community Shares at 303.861.7507 (Denver office), 303.441.7808 (Boulder office), or, or visit their website at


List of Resources

There are many causes that you can support to help improve life in the Metro Denver community.  Think about some of the following ideas as you consider how to spend your charitable dollars.

  • Support organizations that provide direct services. For example, give money or canned goods to a local food bank. Or donate to organizations that provide victim services.
  • Interested in the arts? Consider supporting local museums, performing arts groups, or after-school programs that expose youth to the arts.
  • Improve the health of your community. Consider supporting local hospitals or clinics.
  • Want to help kids? Consider supporting mentorship programs, after-school programs, summer youth programs, or early childhood education centers.

The following are websites dedicated to providing information to individuals to help guide your charitable giving.   They include information about charities you may want to support.  Check them out and become informed about nonprofits you may want to support.


Tips for Giving
  • Determine your motivations and goals for giving. These might include helping a particular nonprofit, funding a specific project, supporting a specific issue, or simply wanting to help people in the community.
  • Do your research and find organizations that you want to support. The internet is one good resource to find out information about local charities and nonprofit organizations.
  • Prior to giving a gift, explore the work of the nonprofit recipient in depth by looking at their website, reviewing their publications or annual reports, or, especially in the case of a larger gift, talking with staff members.
  • Feel free to ask charities or nonprofits how they intend to spend your money. It shows that you care about how your money is being used and gives you a better understanding of what the organization does.
  • Consider talking with tax professionals about receiving tax deductions for your charitable donations.
  • Check with your employer about matching contributions or programs that will automatically deduct a designated amount from your paycheck. Also, contact Partnership For Colorado (PFC) at 800.808.4038 or for information about a variety and diversity of workplace giving options. PFC works to efficiently offer as many choices as possible in employee giving campaigns.
  • Give what you can. Nonprofits appreciate donations in any size, and individual donors who provide small donations are often the lifeblood of an organization.

Spread the word.  Encourage your friends to support your favorite organizations.  Talking to your friends and family about philanthropy and supporting causes that matter to you - and to them - is a good way to strengthen your community.