Connect with Others Doing Inclusiveness Work

This door suggests opportunities to engage with other organizations that are doing inclusiveness work.

The Denver Foundation provided two-year grants to eleven organizations from 2006 to 2007 to undergo an intensive and comprehensive initiative to build inclusiveness within their organization.  That group was initially called the Learning Community, and is now known as the Inclusiveness Collaborative. In 2010, a new Learning Community of ten additional organizations was created, also for a two-year grant period. In 2012, that new Learning Community became part of the Inclusiveness Collaborative.

  • If you know of and/or are part of a collaborative working on inclusiveness, please send us that information and we will post it here.
We also would like to highlight additional Metro Denver organizations engaging in an inclusiveness process.  Please let us know if you would like to list your organization here.

In 2011, the Inclusiveness Collaborative offered a series of discussion forums

In 2013, the Inclusiveness Collaborative launched a training series for chairpeople of nonprofit inclusiveness committees, called "Strengthening Inclusiveness Committees."  



In response to the great success of the Inclusiveness Project, participant organizations have elected to continue the conversation online via Facebook and Twitter. Please find us, like us, and follow us for engaging discussion and news about our growing community!



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