Asking People to Serve on Your Inclusiveness Committee


Members of the Inclusiveness Committee likely will be concerned about the amount of time that it will take and how inclusiveness work will be prioritized with other organizational responsibilities. When asking people to serve, it is valuable to articulate the responsibilities of the committee and how much time will be expected of the members.

Review Sample Job Description for Inclusiveness Committee Members.

Every organization will have slightly different expectations of their committee members, but generally speaking, you should expect that the committee will meet one to three times per month.

It is also preferable that the work of committee members who are staff be incorporated into their job descriptions so that the organization and supervisors' support of their participation is clear.

To avoid burnout and stimulate fresh thinking, committee members should be able to rotate on and off of the committee as needed. Approximately every six months you should check in and reassess committee members' commitment and enthusiasm. If people have lost energy or do not have enough time to attend meetings, consider replacing them with new people who have more enthusiasm for the work.


Roles and Responsibilities of Inclusiveness Committee

Composition of Your Inclusiveness Committee 

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