Inclusiveness Committee Chairperson

The Inclusiveness Committee chairperson convenes the meetings of the Inclusiveness Committee and ensures that the committee completes all of the relevant topics on this website.

The chairperson can change, if necessary, once or even twice throughout the initiative.

In most cases, it would be perfectly appropriate for the executive director to serve as committee chairperson. However, this is not necessary, as long as he or she actively participates in the inclusiveness initiative.

The chairperson should be adept at running meetings and encouraging people to take responsibility for action items.

The chairperson can either be appointed by the executive director or can be elected from among the Inclusiveness Committee members.

In addition to designating a chairperson, some organizations may find it helpful to designate other roles on the Inclusiveness Committee, such as an individual to act as recorder and another individual to manage the process for selecting a consultant.