Your Inclusiveness Guide


This door provides opportunities to explore a comprehensive inclusiveness initiative, to consider a holistic rather than piece meal approach to the area of inclusiveness.Some organizations may choose to approach their inclusiveness work by focusing on specific individual activities - finding particular topics of interest for the immediate future. (The other doors on this website will be of interest to these organizations.)

Other organizations may choose to approach their inclusiveness work by focusing comprehensively on multiple activities that would include research gathering and analysis and detailed action plans. Such a comprehensive approach is what The Denver Foundation calls an Inclusiveness Initiative - a concerted, organized effort on the part of an organization to become more inclusive.  

Inclusiveness at Work: How to Build Inclusive Nonprofit Organizations is the title of the workbook that the Inclusiveness Project developed in 2005. It detailed what an Inclusiveness Initiative is, a six-step process that includes (1) creating an inclusiveness committee; (2) engaging in training; (3) defining inclusiveness and creating the case for inclusiveness for the organization; (4) completing and analyzing information gathered; (5) completing an inclusiveness blueprint); and (6) implementing the blueprint. The complete content of Inclusiveness at Work has been reconfigured for this website and is no longer available in hard copy.

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