One of Rocky Mountain Youth Clinic's Inclusiveness Strategies: A Book Club and a Movie Club

Book Club Picture.jpg

As part of implementing their inclusiveness blueprint, Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics (RMYC) staff looked for ways to learn together and have fun together. Some staff mentioned how much they enjoyed their outside-of-work book clubs and suggested that they try a book club at work. That clicked with a number of people, and they've been holding book club meetings since 2009.

The book club works like this: One staff person takes responsibility for doing some online research (such as checking university Web sites for interesting and varied books on topics in the arena of inclusiveness) and soliciting feedback from other staff on preferred reading selections. That staff person also purchases five copies of the selected books to pass around among interested readers. The chosen selections are usually available through the community library system as well. While it has been challenging to schedule meetings, since staff are spread over three different facilities, they now vary both the time and location of the meetings so that they appeal to the most people possible. The idea of reading has really caught on even with people who don't attend the discussions, and the group continues to grow in size.

The success of the book club has spawned a movie club. And interest in the movie club is really strong. It meets on a fixed monthly schedule, a specific evening each month, when the group gathers for food and film and discussion afterward. They alternate between going to theatres and going to people's homes and showing the films on DVD.

Discussions in both the book club and the movie club often start with people talking about how they "liked" or "didn't like" the selection, but they always goes deeper than that. Discussion guides from online sites are sometimes consulted to get things rolling. And there are often "ah ha" moments.

Here are some of the selections the two clubs have enjoyed so far:


  • Say You're One of Them
  • Monique and the Mango Rains
  • Just Like Us
  • The Soloist


  • The Soloist
  • Skin
  • The Visitor
  • Invictus
  • The Blind Side
  • The Betrayal
  • The Stoning of Soraya M.


We've got lots more suggestions of books and movies on this Web site. Go to Related Links and select from the pull-down menu: Fiction Reading List, Nonfiction Reading List, or Movie Viewing List. And if you have some you'd like to add to those lists, please send them to us.