Qualifications for a Consultant

The qualities, qualifications, and experiences your organization will need in a consultant might include strong communication skills, extensive experience with the nonprofit sector, and a thorough knowledge of specific communities of color that live and work in your operating area.

Selecting a consultant requires finding the right fit with your organization's particular needs, style, and goals. A consultant who works very well with one organization might not have the right style or resources to work as well with another organization.

Consider both quantitative and qualitative outcomes that you would like to have from your work with your consultant. What will a successful relationship with a consultant look like for your organization?  What specific tasks need to be completed? What results do you expect to see? What words would you use to describe the nature of an ideal working relationship with a consultant? Having a discussion with your Inclusiveness Committee about these areas will help you define the qualities and qualifications your organization needs in a consultant.

Complete Identifying the Roles and Qualifications of a Consultant.