Roles and Responsibilities of Direct Service and Administrative Staff

The direct service and administrative staff need to be invested in the inclusiveness process. People in these positions are often the first contact a client or potential donor has with your organization, and they can set the tone for the relationships your organization has with clients, donors, and other groups.

Thus, just as with management, direct service and administrative staff's work will be affected by the inclusiveness initiative. Furthermore, in some organizations, people of color are concentrated at the direct service or administrative staff level. These individuals have valuable perspectives and insights that all organizations should tap into throughout their inclusiveness initiatives.

Some direct service and administrative staff members should serve on the Inclusiveness Committee. They can also contribute in other ways, such as by taking part in the information-gathering process you will complete or coordinating training sessions. Note that, to be able to contribute fully to the inclusiveness initiative, direct service and administrative staff must receive the permission of, and have the full support of, their supervisors.