Inclusiveness Committee

Responsibilities of an Inclusiveness Committee

Creating a shared vision.

  • Managing the inclusiveness initiative process.
  • Developing an information gathering strategy.
  • Designing an inclusiveness blueprint.
  • Ensuring that recommendations are implemented.
  • Evaluating progress.
  • Developing a strategy to communicate with stakeholders throughout the initiative.
  • Documenting progress and lessons learned through the initiative.
  • Creating opportunities to celebrate success at various points throughout the initiative.
  • Developing strategies to maintain the inclusiveness of the organization in perpetuity.

The Inclusiveness Committee will lead your organization. You may, however, designate different subsets of the committee to complete different modules or components of different modules. For example, several staff members may complete the information-gathering process, while several other committee members may take the lead in completing work on the Board of Directors.

The process of forming the Inclusiveness Committee can be handled in different ways.

  • In some cases, the executive director and/or a leadership team of staff and board members will take responsibility for assembling the committee.
  • In other cases, an ad hoc group of people in the organization may decide to come together simply to start the process of creating an inclusiveness initiative. Their first responsibility will be to assemble an Inclusiveness Committee. While some of the people who join an early ad hoc committee may end up remaining on the Inclusiveness Committee, all of them need not be required to participate on the committee long-term.

Regardless of how you form your Inclusiveness Committee, as long as you follow the guidelines presented in this module, you should end up with a committee that has the legitimacy and credibility to lead your inclusiveness initiative.

Complete Forming Your Inclusiveness Committee.

Composition of an Inclusiveness Committee

Asking People to Serve on Your Inclusiveness Committee

Committee Chairperson

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