Sample Interview Questions for Prospective Consultants




Instructions: Review these questions keeping in mind your organization's needs, goals, and inclusiveness process, and add or subtract questions as necessary:

  • Tell us about your philosophical approach to inclusiveness training. (Ask probing questions to see if his/her general philosophy is consistent with the training strategy or strategies you identified on Selecting a Training Approach and Other Details of Inclusiveness Training.)
  • What is one of your most successful (and one of your least successful) inclusiveness consulting experiences?  What do you think worked and what did not work?  What would you change?
  • Why are you the best consultant to work with our organization?
  • What will you need from us to ensure a successful consulting relationship?
  • Tell us about similar inclusiveness work you have done in the way of designing a full inclusiveness initiative, information gathering, cultural competency training, and/or evaluations. (Select only those that are applicable to your organization.)
  • Have you worked with an organization during a six to eighteen-month-long process (rather than for one-time or day-long sessions)?  

If you are hiring a consultant to do inclusiveness training, add the following questions:

  • How do you prepare for a training session?
  • How do you evaluate training sessions?
  • Would you bring in other consultants to aid in our training sessions?  If so, what can you tell us about them?
  • What strengths do you have that will be particularly useful in our training sessions?


This worksheet was created by The Denver Foundation's Inclusiveness Project ( to support organizations doing inclusiveness work.

Users are encouraged to customize the worksheet (both content and formatting) to meet the needs of their respective organizations.

A Word version is attached. A writable PDF version is also attached.