Sample Request for Proposal



This proposal is for services to assist __________________________________ (name of organization) in becoming more inclusive.

Date _______________________


Instructions: Review the sample request for proposal. Include additional information (such as decisions made on other worksheets) to make the RFP appropriate for your organization. 

Agency Mission and Background

The mission of ________________________ (name of organization) is...  

Our programs and services include... 

Founded in _____, our organization...

____________________________ has committed to engaging in work to become a more fully inclusive organization.  

Description of Inclusiveness Goals

Our goals include...

Description of Role of the Consultant

We would like a consultant to aid us in moving closer to our goals by...  

We expect that a consultant will work with us for _____ (number and length) sessions to...

Description of Desired Outcomes

At the end of the process, we would like to see the following concrete outcomes (include outcomes specific to your organization's desires):

Information gathering with data on our community, our field, and our organization.

Perspectives of internal and external stakeholders about our work and workplace.

A blueprint for further action toward becoming more inclusive.

Increased cultural competency of staff and board members.

Other ___________________________________________________________

Proposal Content

Interested parties should submit the following: 

A proposal, not to exceed five pages and to include a proposed consulting/training plan.

A list of past clients.

Resumes for all relevant team members.  

Proposals should contain the following:

Contact information

Inclusiveness and diversity training expertise

Personnel information

Project description/approach 

References, with contact information

Applicants must clearly demonstrate the following: 

At least ___ (#) years experience in the field of inclusiveness and diversity training

Proven knowledge of, and successful implementation of, inclusiveness and diversity training sessions.

Thorough understanding of issues of inclusiveness.

Ability to communicate effectively with diverse populations.

Knowledge of nonprofit organizations.  

Strong communication skills.


Other ____________________________________________________________

Other ____________________________________________________________


The budget for a consultant is...


Consultant's work will begin ___ (date).

The selected consultant will be notified by___ (date).

Letters of Proposal are due by ___ (time) on ___ (date) to _________________________ (name of organization), Attention Inclusiveness Committee...

Contact Information

Any questions regarding this RFP should be directed to _________________ (contact name) at ______________________ (name of organization).





Name of Organization __________________________________________

Date Exercise Completed _________


This worksheet was created by The Denver Foundation's Inclusiveness Project ( to support organizations doing inclusiveness work.

Users are encouraged to customize the worksheet (both content and formatting) to meet the needs of their respective organizations.

A Word version is attached.