What Will an Organization Achieve by Conducting an Inclusiveness Initiative?

By conducting an Inclusiveness Initiative, an organization will achieve the following:

A clear understanding of the benefits of inclusiveness.

A definition of diversity and inclusiveness and a case statement clarifying your organization's commitment to inclusiveness.

A greater understanding and awareness of the impact of racism and ethnocentrism on the people in your organization and the people you serve, as well as society at large.

A clear understanding of facts, perspectives, and best practices in relation to inclusiveness in your community, field, and organization.

An analysis of your organization's strengths and challenges in regard to inclusiveness.

An inclusiveness blueprint created by and for your organization, tailored to your needs, that outlines the goals, strategies, and tactics that you will engage in to become more inclusive of communities of color.

A plan for your organization to stay engaged in inclusiveness over the long-run.

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