Who Does the Training and How Much Should It Cost?

Depending on the resources your organization has, you can spend a lot of money hiring inclusiveness trainers or keep your training expenses to a minimum. Many diversity or inclusiveness trainers specialize in corporate inclusiveness training and charge a relatively high price for their services. Most nonprofit organizations do not have a training budget to pay for expensive inclusiveness trainers. This shouldn't stop you from doing training, but it may limit your options.

In many communities, there are other nonprofit organizations that do inclusiveness training for low to no cost because it is part of their mission. Additionally, some organizations use the services of professional trainers whom they know and who are willing to donate their services or provide them at a significantly reduced cost. If your organization is fortunate enough to be in this situation, be sure to check references before signing up with a pro bono trainer, as you would with any training candidate. Going through inclusiveness training can be intense and it is important that whoever leads you through the process is qualified to do so. As many organizations can attest to, a poorly qualified inclusiveness trainer can do more harm than good for your organization.


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     Martin Luther King Jr.