Will Organizations Be Finished After Completing All Six Steps?

Yes and no.

You will have completed the formal elements of the initiative and you will have a lot to show for your work. Moreover, you will be well on your way to becoming more inclusive as an organization.

On the other hand, inclusiveness work is never absolutely complete in the same way that a nonprofit's mission is (almost) never completely achieved. Rather, as your organization becomes more inclusive, you will likely find that an awareness of inclusiveness will be integrated into all of your work.

Inclusiveness is a continual process rather than a fixed destination. Your organization will likely continue to re-assess its programs and policies to determine how well you're meeting the ever-changing needs of the community.

Over time, most organizations will develop mechanisms to ensure that inclusiveness is institutionalized at every level. For example, it may become so integrated into the strategic planning process, the performance review process, the board recruitment process, and so on, that it is no longer necessary to maintain a special inclusiveness initiative. You will always want to take steps to ensure that your programs and organizational culture are inclusive and that newcomers to your organization share an understanding of inclusiveness. This, too, will evolve to simply be a part of the way your organization does business.