Sample Inclusiveness Case Statements

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Generic Nonprofit Organization Statement

In order to accomplish our mission, we believe that we must be responsive to the needs of everyone in the community who may receive services, regardless of their racial/ethnic background. We will create and implement programs using our awareness of cultural differences and treat all clients with respect. Furthermore, we will create an organizational culture that values people of all racial/ethnic backgrounds and that is based on our organizational values of respect, integrity, and honesty. Our commitment to inclusiveness will be evident in our organizational policies and procedures, as part of our strategic plan, and within our organizational goals.   

Art Students League of Denver

The purpose of the inclusiveness initiative for the Art Students League of Denver is to enhance the inclusiveness of the League by broadening the diversity of the membership and the board of directors.  

Aurora Mental Health Center

  • Our primary goals, relative to the inclusiveness initiative, are service to clients and self-enlightenment in our efforts to suppress mental health stigma and other oppressions faced by people whose lives are impacted by mental illness. We realize that it is incumbent upon AuMHC to act in opposition to all forms of discrimination and other oppressions, intentional or otherwise.
  • For AuMHC, the most important elements of the case for working to improve inclusiveness lie in accomplishing the agency’s mission; in the devotion of staff members to service and self-improvement; in reducing the stigma of mental illness that discourages people I need from seeking help; and in enhancing community support for the agency and what it does.

Center for Work, Education, and Employment (CWEE) At CWEE, our participants are at the core of who we are and what we do. We value and build a lasting connection with our participants based on an understanding that race and socioeconomic status have limited their opportunities and circumstances. We recognize the unequal impact of these factors and seek to equip our participants and all who are involved in the CWEE community to overcome and transcend these challenges.

We value and celebrate the range of diversity, culture and unique differences among the CWEE community. In order to fully realize CWEE's mission we have made a commitment to focus on the following three aspects of diversity: race, socio-economic status and age. As an organization we will deepen and change our culture and environment embracing inclusiveness by:
• attracting and retaining racial diversity at all levels of our organization including board, staff, volunteers and community partners
• incorporating the importance of age diversity in our programming
• raising awareness about socio-economic status in order to overcome the constraints and disparities of poverty
• incorporating diverse perspectives to achieve relevant and innovative programming
• embracing participants and alumni as critical partners and investing in their long-term success to become contributors at all levels of our organization
• becoming the program of choice for funders to invest in and for collaborative partnerships to flourish


  • cityWILD will develop sustainable practices and programs to actively engage individuals with diverse identities (race, ethnicity, economic, age) to be included in all levels of the organization, specifically in positions of leadership.
  • cityWILD will create an environment that cultivates inclusiveness by promoting active participation to ensure that the organization is a welcoming and affirming place where diverse individuals are an essential part of all organizational functions.

Colorado Center on Law and Policy

The Colorado Center on Law and Policy and its project, the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute, value our common humanity. We want and will strive to be a compassionate, reflective, learning community, actively reaching out to bridge differences and striving for equity through the transformation of ourselves, our organization, and our world.  

The Conflict Center 

The Conflict Center's vision is to create and implement programs and services that are inclusive, respectful and understanding of all cultural perspectives; and we treat all individuals with respect and dignity. Our vision of integrating multicultural awareness is a dynamic, ongoing, developmental process and we work to ensure that our organizational culture, strategic plan and all systems are supported by our values of relationship building, peacemaking, forgiveness, accountability and inclusiveness. We integrate inclusiveness and diversity by honoring the beliefs, attitudes, language, interpersonal styles and values of all individuals.

Colorado Women’s Agenda

  • To fulfill our mission of advocating for social justice and engaging Colorado women in the political process, CWA must truly embody Colorado’s rich diversity. We are intentional in our efforts to recruit diverse board members, staff, and volunteers and to cultivate an environment in which all who are involved in our organization feel included, respected, and embraced.
  • CWA believes that in order to fight against external oppression, we must first examine ourselves and ensure that we are elevating the voice of each and every member by sharing power. As an organization moving toward inclusiveness, we are better able to communicate with our constituents, community partners, and members. Through this process, we will be better able to develop and engage in meaningful partnerships. CWA can only be strengthened through our inclusiveness work.

Community Resource Center

The Community Resource Center will create a climate that maximizes organizational performance by respecting and incorporating the needs and assets of communities of color and other diverse groups.  T

The Denver Center for Crime Victims

The Denver Center for Crime Victims is responsive to all who receive services, regardless of their racial/ethnic background. We create and implement programs using our awareness of cultural differences and serve all clients with respect. We create an organizational culture based on our agency values of respect, accountability, and trust. Our commitment to inclusiveness is evident in our agency’s policies, procedures, strategic plan, and goals.  

Funders' Network 

The Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities promotes environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and economically sound land-use policies and practices. We believe that growth and development decisions should be fair to all concerned and make communities better places to live. Because the needs and perspectives of low-income communities, often comprised of people of color, have been systematically disregarded in decision-making about growth and development, the Network develops tools and resources to help funders understand and eliminate the disproportionate impact of these decisions. In order to address these impacts, create new solutions to old problems, fulfill its mission, and remain a robust and relevant organization, the Network embraces the diversity of experiences and knowledge among the people we work with, particularly with regard to race, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic background, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability.

The GLBT Community Center of Colorado

Framework: Developing an inclusiveness case statement is integral to a successful inclusiveness initiative. Inclusiveness affects many aspects of our work; overall mission, programs, operations, fundraising, communications, staffing and volunteers, and organizational culture. This statement has been developed our on journey to create an inclusiveness blueprint for The Center, a two-year process our agency is currently moving through with support from the Denver Foundation. It is a breathing document that will guide us along our journey toward becoming a welcoming community for all.

“The Center strives to be a welcoming community informed by our individual journeys and enriched by the thoughtful partnerships with individuals, groups, and organizations. We value the many identities that an individual brings to the community, and honor and appreciate the intersections of these identities. We extend grace to each individual as they bring the whole of who they are to our collective work and have our community reflect our diversity in all that we do.”

Project PAVE

In order to fully accomplish Project PAVE’s mission, we believe that we must be aware of and responsive to the needs of everyone in the community whom we serve. We will create and implement programs using information and input from the communities we serve. Our organizational culture will value people of all backgrounds and will foster an environment of respect, openness, learning, integrity, honesty, and a sense of fun. Project PAVE’s commitment to inclusiveness will be evident in our organizational structure, policies, procedures, board of directors, individual staff members, volunteers, donors, and within our organizational goals and future vision. 

One of the goals of Project PAVE is to embrace inclusiveness within the community that we directly serve. This will allow the free and open exchange of ideas and the establishment of relationships between people of diverse cultures. This will enhance the development and delivery of our programs, which the community has defined. This goal can be accomplished by ensuring that our staff, board, and volunteers have woven inclusiveness into all aspects of Project PAVE’s operations. 

Project PAVE’s vision will be realized if inclusiveness is institutionalized and becomes a core value in every aspect of our organization, including: Recruitment (board and staff), Development and Fundraising, Programs, Leadership (board and staff), Learning (board and staff), Retention (board and staff), Staff/board development. 

We believe that our inclusiveness initiative begins with the celebration of diversity and unique differences among staff, board, volunteers, and donors. We value individual and group differences, and our communications are open and honest.  

Rocky Mountain Housing Development Corporation, Inc.

Rocky Mountain HDC, Inc. implements inclusiveness in four areas: (1) people being served by the agency; (2) staff; (3) board of directors; and 4) volunteers. Inclusiveness means excluding no one because of race, age, religion, cultural appearance, sexual orientation, ethnic heritage, or gender expression. ·        

For staff, board and volunteers, inclusiveness means proactively seeking persons who differ from one another in these stated characteristics. ·        

For the board, inclusiveness also means seeking persons of varying economic status, including representatives of the populations being served.  We seek such inclusiveness with an expectation that persons of varying backgrounds have much to give to and learn from one another. While we have been non-discriminatory since our inception, we contemplate that by becoming more intentionally inclusive, each person associated with Rocky Mountain HDC, Inc. will enjoy a better experience.  

Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics

  • The Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics Inclusiveness Committee feels that the organization can improve the way it thinks and relates to others. It is our goal to initiate a process that will strive to better understand the needs of others and address preconceived notions of others and of ourselves. Furthermore, it is our goal to garner from our patients and families what they would like us to know about them and to incorporate that knowledge into our relationship with them. It is our belief that we must demonstrate our meaning of inclusion by being open to learning, having frank discussions, embracing differences, and providing employees on all levels and board members with ongoing opportunities to learn, engage, confront, and be confronted.
  • We acknowledge that these changes will not come without some levels of discomfort, so we agree that we must allow people the latitude to express themselves freely, openly, and honestly without fear of reproach. Inclusion, for RMYC, is a value system dependent on continual personal and organizational growth that seeks to understand, respect, appreciate, and embrace all. Moreover, we agree to struggle with how best to put these values into action and are encouraged by the hope that the actions born from these beliefs will communicate our vision to each other, to our patients, families, and to society at large.

Stories On Stage

We recognize that cultural diversity exists in multiple dimensions, including differences among people that are not immediately visible. While we cannot heal all divisions and inequities in society, our performances create unique opportunities for cross-cultural understand and exchange. The more diverse the audience we can bring to these experiences, the better our goal will be achieved. 

Our programs present literary material (mostly short stories) from a deliberately wide range of authors, performed on stage by actors of varied backgrounds for audiences of diverse people to hear and feel together. We believe this creates an experience that fosters cultural inclusiveness at an essential, emotional level. Striving for inclusiveness thus goes to the house of our mission, which states: “The citizens of the Colorado Front Range are the primary focus of our activities.

Our intent is inclusive.” To pursue our mission, we will continue to present stories of high literary value while exploring news ways to welcome audience members from groups underrepresented among theatergoers. To improve our audience inclusiveness, we will: Deepen existing relationships with communities underrepresented in our current audience.  Welcome underrepresented communities to collaborate with us in developing innovative programming, venues, and marketing and scholarship strategies. Review our policies and activities to ensure our stag, board, and volunteers, as well as our stories and actors, represent the perspectives and values of our broader community.  

Striving for inclusiveness is intrinsic to our existence: in fulfilling this case statement, we will have been faithful to our mission.  

University Memorial Center, University of Colorado at Boulder 

One of the goals of the UMC is to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness amongst peoples, which allows for free and open exchange of ideas, as well as the establishment of significant relationships and understanding between all cultures represented in the University and community at large.  The UMC should develop in such a manner as to maximize the interaction through supporting representation of the diverse peoples in the University community. The UMC accomplishes this by striving to create and maintain an atmosphere where diversity is celebrated among us and not between us.  This definition is all-inclusive, encompassing ethnicity, race, gender, age, class, sexual orientation, religion, and physical abilities. It is a definition that includes the valuing of individual and group differences, respecting the perspectives of others, and communicating openly.   

Generic Corporate Statement 

Every employee will value and work to enhance diversity in our workforce because it is good for our business, employees, and the communities we serve. Diversity management will be an important part of our business culture, strategic plans, and systems. Senior and middle managers alike must live their commitment to attract and retain a diverse workforce.   

Microsoft Corporation 

At Microsoft, we believe that diversity enriches our performance and products, the communities where we live and work, and the lives of our employees. As our workforce evolves to reflect the growing diversity of our communities and the global marketplace, our efforts to understand, value, and incorporate differences become increasingly important.  By fully pursuing the company's mission in all parts of the globe and in keeping with what we value and what the citizens in each country value, Microsoft has established a comprehensive plan to promote and integrate diversity at every level within our organization and in everything we do. By achieving these goals, Microsoft hopes to enable its employees to realize their full potential.   

Colorado Judicial Branch

The Colorado Judicial Branch values the individual diversity of all employees, applicants, volunteers, citizens, and court users. Differences in age, race, ethnic heritage, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, or any number of other distinguishing factors provide experiences, viewpoints, and ideas that can strengthen and enrich our work environment. Our goal is to create an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and equitable, and to employ the talents of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to accomplish the various missions of the Colorado Judicial Branch.